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Dreaceana Draco tree

Temperature:  40-90 degrees Fahrenheit

The Dragon Tree comes along with many stores behind it.  Your free plant will not only attract a lot of attention but after you know all the facts that go along with it, the Dragon Tree will definitely be a conversation starter.

We can thank Hercules for creating this beautiful tree.  When Hercules killed the hundred headed dragon the blood flooded over the land and produced the Dracaena Draco.  The red sap that this tree produces is not sap at all, it is dragon blood.  The blood was used to make magical potions and medicine.  If you don’t believe all of that you can believe that the sap that comes from the Dragon Tree is used as a stain and polish for wood.

The Dragon Tree will be a dramatic piece to your yard, when at full growth this tree looks like a huge umbrella.  However it does grow slowly, requiring about ten years to grow three feet tall, but don’t worry this is a long lived tree so it will have plenty of years to grow.  The Dragon Tree is a member of the palm family and needs full sun and moderate water that is able to drain well.  The trunks are long and slender and the leaves are prickly.  It blooms during the spring and summer with greenish white flowers that have a faint sweet smell.  This tree also produces orange and brown berries that are a little smaller than a cherry.  Just a warning many birds love the berries that come off this tree and so do the rats.  So if you have had any rat problems I do not recommend this tree.

If you are planting a Dragon Tree because you are going to make potions from the dragon’s blood, or you need to stain some wood or you like rats…or if you would just like a new addition to your landscaping I know you will enjoy your Free Plant!

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