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Date Palm

Date Palm


Temperature:  30-100 degrees Fahrenheit


The Date Palm is one of the world oldest trees, and one of the most popular as well.  They are known for their beauty and also the sweet fruit is produces.  The Date Palm is a holy symbol as it is mentioned in the bible as well as other religious books.  It is known as the “the tree of life” because of its ability to provide all of life necessities.


You will see Date Palms all over the United States; they are very popular in landscaping.  Your free plant can grow to be eighty to one hundred feet tall and live for more than two hundred years.  Plant your Date Palm where it will receive full sun.  They like sandy soil that has good drainage.  Water your plant often with a lot of water.  They do not always need it but will appreciate it.  The Date Palm is a very hardy plant.  It will tolerate cold to hot temperatures and will withstand the wind.  It amazes me how this tree blows in the wind and never falls down.  It is their strong trunks that provide so much support to the beautiful diamond shaped leaves which form a canopy that can be up to forty feet wide.


Beside the use of the Date Palms lining the strip of Las Vegas there are so many other uses of this palm.  You can make food, wine, medicine, shelter, building materials and fuel, just to name a few. The Egyptians used the fruits to make wine. 


It can take a couple of years for your Date Palm to produce fruits.  But once they do you can eat them fresh, dried or use them when baking desserts. They are a great source of vitamin C and energy. 


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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