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Daisy Plants


Temperature:  40-90 degree Fahrenheit


When I think of Daisies I think of little girls running through a field of them chasing each other.  I think of beauty, color and sunshine!  Daisies bring cheer and exuberance making them popular for gifting and growing in gardens.


Daisies are a very popular plant to grow, not for just gardeners, but also for homeowners who are looking to add some color with little work involved.  They are among the easiest of plants to grow.  They like full sunshine and like to be planted in rich well drained soil.  Daisies will tolerate partial shade but the more sunshine the better.  Water your free plant frequently; keeping the soil moist, especially in the hot summer months. In cold weather regions, provide a think layer of mulch for winter protection. 


Just before blooming provide a fertilizer to help promote bit, bright blooms, ask your local gardening center which fertilizer will work best in your area. Daisies bloom over a long period of time, from early summer until fall; you will have white and yellow flowers that stand out against the glossy dark green foliage.  One of the best things about the Daisy plant is they produce so many flowers that you will have enough to can cut them off and put in a vase in every room in your home.


The name Daisy means “day’s eye” it was called this because daisies open at dawn as the day is just beginning.  A Daisy can symbolize innocence, purity and virtue.  It is actually known to represent the Virgin Mary.  The flower meaning of Daisy is “loyal love” and “I will never tell.”


Your whole family will enjoy the beauty of the Daisy Plant, your children can make Daisy crowns, you can make the perfect centerpiece for your table and your husband will like the low maintenance.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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