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Crape Myrtle

Temperature:  30-90 degrees Fahrenheit

Crape Myrtles are famous for their color and long lasting flowers.  If you are looking to add some color to your lawn the Crape Myrtle would be an excellent choice.  There are many different ways when growing them and they are very easy to care for.  Crape Myrtles can be grown as a tree or a shrub, some reaching twenty five feet tall and some shrubs growing only twenty inches tall.  You can plant them in a pot or the ground, either way the best place to grow your Crape Myrtle is anywhere in the sun. 

Once you have found the right place for your Crape Myrtle now it is time to choose what color.  These extremely unique flowers come in shade of white, pink, rose, purple and everything in between.  With so many verities of sizes and colors it will not be difficult to find the perfect Crape Myrtle for your yard.

When planting make sure the root of the ball is even with ground level.  Like many plants the Crape Myrtle requires soil that has well drainage.  Water your plant daily for a few weeks after just planted.  Then you can cut back the watering to once a week.  A mild fertilizer is recommended in March, May and June, ask your local gardening center witch fertilizer will work best in your area.  

The blooming season for the Crape Myrtle is June through September and as I mentioned make sure your free plant is kept in direct sunlight, partial shade may result in less flowers.  If the leaves are starting to wilt the plant needs more water.  Sever pruning is not recommended for the Crape Myrtle.  Clipping and removing damaged, dead or discolored leaves and flowers will trigger new development and that is all this plant needs.  

If you are looking for some summertime color, in a tree or a shrub the Crape Myrtle is gorgeous, brilliant and easy…what else do you need in life.  

Enjoy your Free Plant!

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