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Cordyline Red Star

Cordyline Red Star


Other Common Names:  Cordyline Australis, Red Grass Tree and Purple Tower


Temperature:   No less than 35 degrees or it will freeze


The Cordyline Red Star is a great addition to any jungle or tropical themed garden.  The Cordyline Red Star is a very unusual looking plant.  I think the name “red grass tree” fits it perfectly, that it what it looks like.  The leaves on this plant are skinny and long arching and are a dark burgundy to a redish color. 


The Cordyline Red Star can be used as a potted indoor plant or like I said above great for an exotic look to your outdoor garden.  It is a very hardy plant and very easy to maintain.  The Cordyline Red Star does need a lot of sunlight to keep its dark, rich color. 


When in bloom, which is late spring, it can produce little white fragrant flowers.

Keep your Cordyline in soil that is able to drain quickly, and if growing this as a container plant make sure it is kept in a pot that is able to drain.  Like a lot if other plants let the soil become almost dry in-between waterings.

Enjoy your Free Plant!

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