Phlomis Fruiticosa

Phlomis Fruiticosa, is also know as "Jerusalem Sage"a Mediterranean species native to the mountains of Syria, is admired for both its unusual whorls of soft yellow flowers and its large olive-green leaves. Commonly known as Hardy Jerusalem Sage. Drought resistant/drought tolerant.

A large, multi-stemmed, broad shrub growing to about 4 feet tall and wide with 2 to 3 inch long lance-shaped, soft woolly-gray leaves that are white beneath. The 1 inch long bright lemon-yellow woolly flowers are in whorls on erect stems from spring through summer - in mass the flowers of this species emits a pleasant clove-like aroma that is particularly strong in the late afternoon.

The Jerusalem Sage plant is a very easy to grow, it will tolerate both full sun and partial shade, although it will produce more blooms if place in direct light.  Sudden change from one environment to the next can be stressful for the plant.


Allow soil to dry out and then water deeply and let water run thorough the bottom of the pot.  Do not allow the bottom of the pot to sit in water.  You can fertilize your plant with a liquid fertilizer two to three times a year. 

The name for your November plant dates back to the first century AD from the  Greek word meaning "flame" because the leaves of some species were used for lamp wicks. The specific epithet is from the Latin word meaning "shrubby". 

Enjoy your Free Plant!


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