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Bulbine Frutesans 'Orange Hallmark'

Temperature:  30-95 degrees Fahrenheit

The Bulbine Frutesans also called Orange Hallmark and Orange Stalked Bulbine is a succulent groundcover originally found in South Africa. 

The Hallmark plant has narrow, pencil like bright green leaves that shot up from the ground.  At the top of the leaves you will find a bright orange star-like flower that has a fuzzy yellow stamen, that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

You can use this plant has ground cover, or in your garden as an extra pop of color or in a pot in your home or on a patio, just as long as it gets plenty of sun.

The Orange Bulbine Hallmark likes warm temperatures and can be planted in full sun to partial shade.  Plant in well drained soil and water minimally as it is a water-wise plant and likes to dry out in-between waterings.  You rarely will see rotting on in these plants, but its best to allow the soil to dry out completely.

Fun Fact- Along with Bulbine Frutesans, Orange Hallmark, Bulbine Hallmark and Orange Stalked Bulbine some people also call it The Jelly Burn Plant because it contains glycoproteins that can be used to ease burns, rashes and itches.

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