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Nandina Domestica

Heavenly Bamboo Nandina domestica is a member of the Barberry family (Berberidaceae) is an ornamental garden shrub to be treasured the whole length of the West Coast and beyond.

In USDA hardiness zones 8-10 it grows as an evergreen shrub. I’ve seen Nandina growing as a landscape specimen in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee and Virginia.

Though unrelated to the bamboo species, it may be put to the same architectural uses, for each of its erect, notched and cane-like stems carries a grace of its own.

The dainty white flowers appear in late spring, followed by brilliant berries and delicate, evergreen compound leaves of the Nandina domestica bush are a decided asset in many gardens.

Freedom from diseases and insects and ease of culture also make nandina a highly desirable evergreen shrub for the landscape.

Try and keep the temperature above 60 degrees temperature

Bright light, thrives in full sun or speckled shade.

Keep Soil continuously moist, water a little less during the cold months.

Fertilize in spring 

If your Nandina Domestica stars dropping leaves it might be too cold and not getting enought light. 

Enjoy your October Plant! 


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