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Coffee Plant

Coffee Plant 


Temperature:  60-90 degree Fahrenheit


Hang on let me grab my morning cup of coffee before I start.  Can you wait four years please?  I just planted my Coffee plant in the backyard and I am waiting on it to produce the fruit.  I see my first berry but now I have to wait nine more months for the berries to ripen…I have waited too long….Starbucks here I come!

There are two things I look forward to in the morning…the smell of coffee brewing and the first sip of my fresh morning coffee.  I am staring to sound like a Folgers commercial…the best part of waking up is _____ in your cup! 


So you have decided to grow your own Coffee Plant?  Great idea, do keep other coffee grounds available in your kitchen, because they do take anywhere from three to five years after being planted to produce the fruit and then another nine months to ripen, and I don’t want you to get grumpy.  But on the good side they will continue to keep producing fruit until they are sixty years old, that’s a lot of coffee!  Coffee Plants can grow to be anywhere from twelve to forty feet tall.  It is up to you on the height you prefer them to be, these plants are very hardy when it comes to pruning, so prune away.  Your free plant will grow in shade or partial sun, these plants will not tolerate freezing temperatures, if they freeze they die.  Keep the soil moist but not soggy.  For the best results fertilize your Coffee Plant often, every other week from March to October and once a month from November to February.


The Coffee Plant is a flowering shrub that blooms little white flowers that resemble a jasmine, sometimes they smell like jasmine as well.  Once your Coffee Plant has produced fruit, you will see green fruits, each fruit containing two coffee seeds inside.  Remember they do take a while to ripen, do not pick until the fruit is red or purple in color, normally in the fall time.  The fruits do not ripen after they have been picked from the tree.


You will need to roast the beans, you can do this in your over, which will stink up your house or I recommend buying a roaster.  Then you will have to buy a grinder too.  But the smell and taste of your own coffee is way better than any store bought coffee.  The Coffee Plant is the world’s most valuable and widely traded commodity crops, so who knows you could be the next Starbucks!


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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