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Temperature:  20-80 degrees Fahrenheit


The exquisite Camellia will make a wonderful addition to your garden or patio.  It is know also as the tea flower, the leaves are used when making many different types of teas.  The foliage is dark green and glossy.  The blooms on the flowers range from pure white to dark red and everything in-between; there are also some varieties that are multi-colored.  The will grow to be six to eight feet tall.  The best part about this unusual shrub is the blooming season, these gorgeous flowers bloom from November to March, during January and February is when your Camellia will blossom like nothing you have ever seen before.


Weather you are planting the Camellia in a container or using it as ground cover, your free plant will be very easy to grow.  One of the Camellias favorite places to grow in under a big tree that produces a lot of shade.  Camellias will burn in the sun and if the weather gets too hot, so shade is always best.  Your free plant needs to be planted in well drained soil, it loves when the soil is kept moist, it does not like to be sitting it puddles of water, but does not like to soil to dry out completely either. 


Camellias are very tolerant when it comes to cold temperatures.  They can get damaged by frosty temperatures below fifteen, but will recover.  I have seen snow on these plants and when the snow melts the plant pops right up again.  But it’s a different story when it comes to the hot summer weather; they will burn and turn yellow if they are not protected from the sun and recovery will be difficult.


Careful when feeding the Camellia, over fertilizing can decrease the number of blooms. I would only fertilize once a year during the month of October.  Ask you local garden center which fertilizer will work best for you in your area.  After your Camellia has stopped bloom, around May or June, you can prune away all the old blossoms to make room for the new buds.


Camellias are the state flower for Alabama, so if you live in Alabama this plant is a must!  In China they use Camellias to make medicines to cure asthma.  The Camellia is also the most popular and respected flower in all of China, it was honored as their national flower.


This plant is delicate and graceful.  The long lasting quality of this flower has been used as a token in relationships for expressing devotion to each other.  The petals reflect the sprit of a lady and the holder of the petals, the calyx, represents the man as the protector of his loved one. 


Not matter what the reason is for planting a Camellia the beauty and wonder of this plant is amazing, I know you will enjoy your Free Plant!

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