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Other Common Names:  Zebra Plant and Prayer Plant


Temperature:  60-80 degrees Fahrenheit


Calathea Plants are very exotic and exquisite looking.  The leaves are large and can be green, white, yellow or purple in color.  But like most attractive species there comes some demands.  Calathea’s are very picky and can be tough to grow for the average person.


Calatheas most of the times are used as houseplants, you can plant them outdoors but they will not survive in any temperature that is less than fifty five degrees, so this is why it makes a much better houseplant.  Your free plant is very picky when it comes to light, they like moderate light with no direct sunlight.  Water Calatheas frequently enough to keep the soil moist, avoid getting water on the leaves.  For best results use a mild fertilizer every other week. 


Calatheas are very temperamental; they do not like drafty rooms but do not like rooms that are completely dry either.  If your Calathea’s leaves start turning brown on the edges the air is too dry.  It has been proven that Calatheas do remove toxins from the air so we will give them a little bit of a break.   


Calatheas can reach three feet if kept in a container…if your Calathea becomes too crowded in its container make sure to wait until late spring to repot.  I hope I haven’t been too discouraging about this plant; it is a very beautiful plant that once you find the right environment for it you will defiantly enjoy your Free Plant!    

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