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Temperature:  20-90 degrees Fahrenheit

Where are you going to plant your Bougainvillea?  In a clay pot? Hanging basket? Decorative pot? Wire basket? Concrete planter? Planter boxes? By a wall to create a climbing vine? As a bush?  A curb liner?  Just to name a few ideas, as long your Bougainvillea gets plenty of light and is planted in soil that has drainage you will be fine.  This beautiful plant is covered with hot pink dainty flowers and dark green little leaves.  It truly is a showy, hardy plant you will fall in love with. 

Sun-Bougainvillea is a tropical plant so it requires full sun, at least 5 hours a day.

Soil- Please use well drained soils due to the fact the Bougainvillea's have an extremely fine root system.

Water- Since this plant loves the sun make sure the soil stays moist.  It is a must that your pot is able to drain.  Your bougainvillea does not like to sit in water. 

Fertilize- These are hungry plants during their blooming season, they love to be feed once a month.


I know you will enjoy your Free Plant!

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