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Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise


Other Common Names:  Stelitzia and Crane Lilly


Temperature:  40-90 degrees Fahrenheit


If you want to get everyone’s attention, grow a Bird of Paradise.  This plant makes a great conversation starter.  It reminds me of an exotic bird poking its head out of a bunch of banana leaves.  The colors are a bright blue with an even brighter orange leaf.  It is absolutely beautiful.  The Bird of Paradise is from South Africa and when found it was so popular it was close to impossible to get.


Sounds perfect right?  Well here is the down side…these plants are very slow growing.  It takes 4 to 6 years for this plant to bloom.  So I recommended this plant to all my patience growers out there.  I can tell you once it does bloom, which is normally in the winter, it is well worth the wait.  The Bird of Paradise is unlike any other plant in the world.


Needs are simple…water thoroughly and allow soil to dry out almost completely before watering again.  This plant can not get enough sunlight.  You can fertilize your Bird of Paradise once a month in March through September, might give it the extra push to get your first bloom.

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