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Ariod Palm

Aroid Palm or Zamioculcas #91


Other Common Names:  ZZ Plant, Zu Zu Plant, Money Tree


Temperature:  60-90 degrees Fahrenheit


The Aroid Palm is a very easy to care for plant.  They are slow growing plants that can grow three to four feet tall.  They produce a dark green stem with shiny leaves.


The Aroid Palm will do best in brighter light, the afternoon sun will burn the leaves so keep out of direct sunlight.  The Aroid Palm will also grow in shaded areas as well.  This houseplant can be place outside if temperatures stay above sixty degrees, as these plants will freeze.


Aroid Palms do not need an abundant amount of water.  Depending on the weather you will only have to water every seven to fourteen days.  Do not let your free plant sit in water; it will grow better if kept on the dry side.  If the leaves of the ZZ plant are turning yellow it has been watered too much.  You can fertilize your Aroid Palm four to five times a year; for best results ask your local gardening center which fertilizer will work best in your area.  The only pruning necessary for the ZZ plant is to remove any dead leaves, it only grows to be three feet tall so I don’t think it will be too tall for your bedroom.


Aroid Palms make great indoor plants because it is an insect free plant.  There has never been any insect problems to my knowledge with the ZZ Plant.  The Aroid Palm is a fairly new houseplant; it has only been on the market since the year of 2000.  They are classifying it as an herb not a palm.


The Aroid Palm is a great plant for first time plant owners, they are beautiful and easy to care for and great to liven up a room.


Enjoy your Free Plant!

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