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Areca Palm

Areca Palm


Other common names:  Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens, Yellow Butterfly Palm


Temperature:  50-80 degrees Fahrenheit


The most commonly use for the Areca Palms is to plant them outside, they make great shrubs and hedges.  It gives any yard a tropical feel to it; I love the sound they make when the wind is blowing them around.  The leaves are a medium green and the stems are a golden color.  The Areca Palm is a Tropical plant and requires a lot of sun, but also likes some shade in the afternoon as well.


Areca Palms can grow very quickly if being cared for correctly.  This Palm does require a lot of attention to keep it looking nice.  Water often.  Try your best to never let the soil be completely dry, the Areca Palm likes moist soil at all times.  If soil is left completely dry the plant wilts dramatically, but if watered right away it will stand back up but may yellow a little bit. 


The Areca Palm is known not to age very well, so some trimming and grooming will be involved with this plant.

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