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Apricote Tree

Apricot Tree


Temperature:  50-100 degrees Fahrenheit


Yummmmy……I love Apricots.   I love apricot jams, pies, muffins, and my favorite snack….dried Apricots!   Can you tell I’m a little excited right now!  Apricots are a great source of vitamin A and C.  I am going to try to make your life a little tastier by telling you how to grow your own Apricot tree in your back yard.


The best spot to plant your free plant is a sunny place that the Apricot tree will receive the most amount of sun possible.  The Apricot Tree is not drought tolerant and is a heat sensitive plant so make sure you always keep your tree watered and keep the soil moist.  When pruning your tree, prune lightly.  All that really needs to be done is to take off the dead branches and leafs.  Your tree needs enough branches to hold the heavy fruit it produces.  Apricot trees will benefit from a good fertilizer in the spring so asks your local garden center what would work best for in your soil.


Apricot Trees are compact in size so it will be easy to fit in any size yard.  If grown correctly it will grow into a “vase” like shape.  This is an early blooming tree, the flowers will be pink and white.  In the early summer you will start to enjoy your apricots.  The fruit is deep yellow and orange.  Finding ripe apricots at the grocery store can be changeling and who wants to be in the produce section of the grocery store forever.  Spend that time finding the perfect fruits in your own backyard.


This sweet rich fruit is great for all kinds of cooking and baking.  I better go I have apricot muffins in the oven….enjoy your free plant.

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