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Apple Tree

Temperature:  You can have an Apple Tree anywhere in the United States…some areas of the south they will grow slowly because of the climate but the plant will still grow.

Not only are these trees beautiful but they also produce a beautiful and delicious tasting fruit.  The Apple Tree flowers in the spring and fruits in the fall.

Plant your Apple Tree in full sun and in well drained soil.  Apple Trees prefer the dry climate and warm summers of Canada and America.  Water your free plant well and often.  Pruning your Apple Tree can be tricky, too much pruning can prevent fruit buds from forming, if you need to prune your tree because of the size take off whole branches and make clean, flush cuts.  The ideal time to prune your free tree is from February through April.  Apply fertilizer in early spring before new growth begins, avoid using fertilizer that has weed control in it, this can injure your apple trees, your local gardening center will know best.  Other than the above, your Apple Tree will be easy to care for.

The fruit off of the Apple Tree come in many different sizes and colors ranging from little cherry size to grapefruit size.  Yellow, green and red Apples, they all are juicy and delicious.  An apple’s skin should be shiny, not dull, dull appearing apples wont be crisp and tasty.  Apples should be eaten directly from the tree or within a week of the picking.  Apples should be stored in a cool, dark moist and frost proof location, this way you can make…apple sauce, apple pie, apple tarts, apple fritters, apple bread and apple juice, just to name a few.

An Apple a day…keeps the doctor away!

Enjoy your Free Plant!

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