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Other Common Names:  Lady Jane, Flamingo Flower and Painted Tongue


Temperature:  45-85 degrees Fahrenheit


Forget spending your money on fresh cut flowers…buy an Anthurium plant next time!

The Anthurium plant is a great alternative to cut flowers, not is this plant just as beautiful but last up to 8 weeks!  I’m not sure about you but when I get flowers I am always sad to see them die about 2 weeks after I get them. 


This gorgeous plant is known for its heart shaped flowers, which can be red, pink, lavender or white in color.  The leaves are a shiny dark green, so shiny that it almost looks like there is a coat of wax on them. 


Anthuriums are a Hawaiian tropical flower so they do best in temperatures that rage between 60-80 degrees and are very sensitive to anything lower.  They require little care… let the soil dry out between waterings and put the plant in a pot that has the ability to drain the excess water.  Keep out of direct sunlight but somewhere where it is in the light.  Remove any dead flowers or foliage so new ones can grow.


The Anthurium has come to symbolize hospitality, so bring this plant as a gift for the hostess at your next social gathering.    

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