Aloe Vera

Temperature:  35-120 degrees Fahrenheit

I think I can write a novel on all the benefits that come from an Aloe Vera plant.  If you type in Aloe Vera in the internet you will be blown away by all the different types of Aloe Vera products for sale. 

Aloe Vera is a Succulent plant that stores water within the leaves and root systems making the plant very water friendly, consisting of 95 percent water.  Aloe plants love the sun but the leaves will get brown tips if it gets sunburned.  Speaking of sunburns…do you know Aloe Vera helps heal minor burns?  You can buy Aloe Vera gel at the store but more effective is to get the gel right from the aloe leaf of your own plant and rub it on the burned area.  Like so many other plants let the soil dry out in-between waterings.  The only thing to worry about is the cold temperatures…this plant will freeze and die in any temps that go below 32 degrees.

Aloe Vera is also known for its ability to reproduce rapidly.  If the leaf falls on the ground and some steps on it and gets smashed in the soil your new aloe plant will start growing in no time.

I am going to try to give you a breakdown on all the uses of an Aloe Vera plant…some of them are too embarrassing for me to even discuss so I encourage you to go on the web to find out more.  Cleopatra used Aloe Vera gel every day on her face.  Many people use it as lotions and body scrubs.  Put the gel on an insect bite and it will take out the itch.  Some people even says it makes there hair grow faster.  One of the most popular aloe products out there is Aloe Vera juice many people make all different kinds of drinks and smoothies as it can be very healthy.  Some people also use aloe juice as a detoxifier, warning some times it works too well…I’ll stop here.  The uses of this plant are endless and you will not be disappointed with your new Aloe Vera plant.

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